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I’m chef Dean and I have been making compound butters for decades.  Compound butters are defined by bringing a mixture of separate elements together.  


I learned to make compound butters when I was training to be a chef and have used them throughout my career to enhance many dishes from breakfast to dessert and everything in between.  I have also found the butters to be a great way to preserve fresh herbs and other ingredients.  Mixing these ingredients with softened butter and then freezing, keeps air away and preserves flavor and freshness.


In the kitchen, we would always roll up the butter into a cylinder.  The utility of this is that it is easy to slice even straight from the freezer.  And when kept frozen, the butters will keep their integrity, flavor and appearance for up to one year!  They can also be kept in the refrigerator where they are good for three months on average.   


At Butterfusion, we start with unsalted butter sourced from a Washington dairy.  To the butter we add natural ingredients that are professionally prepared to the highest standard.  Lemons, limes and oranges are zested and squeezed.  Fresh basil is chopped and most spectacularly, we roast all the fresh garlic that is the base of our most popular Garlic Parmesan Butter.  Below is a photo showing twenty pounds of fresh garlic cloves that have been slow roasted for hours in clarified butter…..Heavenly!













For application, I like to refer to these as finishing butters.  This term helps paint the picture that these butters are best used to top off hot foods such as french toast, corn, steak, fish, chicken, veggies, etc. or can be used as a last step to finish a dish and create a delightful sauce such as adding the garlic parmesan butter to a shrimp sauté, or the bacon butter to green beans or brussel sprouts when they are finishing in the pan.  There are hundreds of applications and a little creativity goes a long way.


Happy Eating and Stay Buttery!!


Butterfusion, Kent, Wa 98032

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